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Has your website failed or your provider not lived up to their promises? We can audit your website and assess it for you. We can recommend changes or assist in helping. Auditing time will vary depending on your site code and the amount of research and communication with third parties.

We will test to see how effective your website is. We check your data and run a full analysis. Web analytics is used to assess how well investments in online advertising, consumers, and corporate profitability are doing. Web analytics is critical for estimating your company's return on investment.

We run an audit on your website design and code. A poorly designed website will repel customers even before they have navigated around your website. We test and suggest design improvements and help you to implement them.

SEO has various elements that work together to improve your website’s performance. These elements include keyword research, content optimisation, on-page optimisation, link building, local SEO etc. We will assess all these areas and identify which strategies need to be improved. A poor SEO strategy won’t get you the desired results.

A content audit is necessary if you are planning an update to your website or if you want to determine if a page is necessary. Does a page serve your business and end-user? Does the particular page still have relevance? Often a business will employ a web developer to create their website but never update it. This leads to outdated information.

A website security audit means scanning your website and its server for existing or potential weaknesses that hackers can exploit. It covers your website’s entire infrastructure, from its core software to extensions, themes, server settings, SSL connection, configurations, etc. Industry experts always press on the importance of regular security auditing, as hackers will constantly challenge your website’s safety using every trick in the toolbox. Simply following basic practices and leaving everything else to fate is not the answer. Let us test your website and advise accordingly, saving you the hassle of a hacked website including, failed customer confidence.

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