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This website quote builder will give you a rough estimate of the price you will be paying for your website as all websites are different and may require additional functionalities not listed here. Please refer to the explanations section below if you are uncertain of a field.

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PLEASE NOTE: Prices for the Advanced Contact Form and On-Page SEO are estimated only as the actual cost may be different depending on the number of fields you would like to capture and amount of pages you have to be optimized. The same applies to the Knowledge Base. The cost is for set up and 20 fields. Above that is charged separately. Google analytics is site-wide analytics - social media Analytics is different please select the social media option if you require tracking.
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Prices for hosting are per 12-month contract. If you choose Managed Cloud Hosting you will be billed monthly.
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The price is per month R 350 billed annually. We can offer per-month billing upon request. You save R 200 if you go annually.
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