Website Design Packages

A Complete Set Up

Our Website Packages are your one-stop-shop for launching a stunning online presence. With sleek designs, robust hosting, blog integration, and e-commerce features, we've got all the essentials to make your website shine. Plus, our tech experts are on standby, ready to handle the technical glitches. It's time to transform your online dreams into reality – check out our Website Packages today! 🌟🚀🌐

Starter Web Package

A basic website is a great way to get started with your business, and we're here to help you do it. We offer a starter web design package that includes:
From R2770
  • 5 Page Responsive Website
  • 12 Month Micro Hosting Package - 10GB*
  • Free SSL
  • 20 x Email Account
  • JetBackup Weekly Backups
  • Multiple PHP Selector
  • LiteSpeed Enterprise
  • Direct Access Control Panel

Professional Web Package

This web design package is designed to get your business off the ground. You'll get 10 pages of responsive website design, which means that they'll look good on any device—
From R3870
  • 10 Pages Responsive Website
  • 12 Month Starter Hosting Package - 30GB *
  • Free SSL
  • 150 x Email Account
  • JetBackup Weekly Backups
  • Multiple PHP Selector
  • LiteSpeed Enterprise
  • Free Domain Name Registration **
  • Direct Access Control Panel
  • Host up to 3 Websites ***

Expert Web Package

15 page responsive website package ideal for that professional buisness or NPO. Our professional web design packages are designed with you in mind.
From R4470
  • 15 Pages Responsive Website
  • 12 Month Pro Hosting Package - 80GB*
  • Free SSL
  • 250 x Email Accounts
  • JetBackup Weekly Backups
  • Multiple PHP Selector
  • LiteSpeed Enterprise
  • Free Domain Registration **
  • Direct Acess Control Panel
  • Host up to 5 Websites
  • 10 Pages Responsive Website
The Legal Stuff

Things to take Note Of

It's all about striking the right balance between legal necessity and digital creativity. Follow the steps, and your website will be dancing its way to online success! 💃🕺🎈

TWW Website Design Process

Please Make Sure you Understand the Full Process

  1. Your Requirements

Get in touch with us by filling out the inquiry form, create a quote form, email, or by telephone. We’ll require all the information that you would like to have on your website, this includes information like your company profile, logo, who you are, what you do, contact information, images/photographs, and links to your social media accounts as well as any other functionalities that you may require, such as online shopping, events calendar, etc. to give you an estimated cost.

Communication about the project details will be done via email to avoid any misunderstandings. Please do not use Facebook or WhatsApp we use an email ticket system to keep a record of all our jobs

  1. Project Pricing Estimate

After receiving your requirements for the website to be designed, we will send you a quotation for the work to be done and the estimated completion time.

Note: The quote is based on the information we received before the creation of the quote. Any additions such as additional content or content changes, branding changes, additional functionalities, and important instructions that were not specified will be charged for. Please make sure that you have sent us the final content brief so that we can determine the scope of the project and give you an accurate quotation.

  1. Acceptance

If you accept the quote and are ready to proceed, please let us know so we can send you the information on how to make payment and activate your domain name and hosting plan. As we are a small team, we have a limited amount of work we can take on at any given time. As such, any timeline that was given could be affected if there is a delay in deposit or communication.

  1. Design Process

After we have received payment, we can start setting up your hosting and domain name. The time it will take to design the website will depend on the amount of work we have at the time, the amount of content you would like to have on your website and the complexity of the design.

  1. Design Changes & Approval

We will inform you as soon as the initial design is completed. Please be sure to go through your website and let us know if there are any changes you would like us to make. We allow one round of changes (that are not outside of what was quoted) which needs to be submitted within 5 days after the completion of the initial design. Thereafter any changes we need to make will be done at an hourly rate.

  1. Search Engine Submission

After the changes have been made, we’ll add the SEO markup and optimize the website for search engines. This includes optimizing the page titles, descriptions, and alt tags, creating a sitemap, and submitting your website to Google for indexing.

PLEASE NOTE: This does not include ranking your website on Google for specific keywords. This is only to get your website indexed/listed on Google. Indexing can take up to 4 weeks to complete. Ranking is a service on its own and will be charged accordingly. 

  1. Your Website is Live

Your website can now be found on search engines and users can view your website from anywhere in the world.

  1. Support & Maintenance

Feel free to contact us if you require updates/content changes on your website. Content updates are charged at a monthly rate of R350.00.  We also have a 24/7 ticketing support system for any hosting/technical support, website support, or account queries you may have.

Terms and Conditions

All packages - 12-month minimum hosting contract *

No custom features on website packages- Can add extras using our estimate tool

Hosting Packages renews at normal pricing after 12 Months*

Free Domain Registration applies to the following extensions –,, on Professional and Ultra, plans only. Renewals at normal price. **

Starter, Professional, and Ultra Packages come with hosting plans that can accommodate more than one website ***

Please view our hosting features here: Hosting Plans

30 Day Money Back Guarantee applies to hosting only and excludes domain registration/transfer costs.

Website Managment Services

Let us take care of your Website

From jazzing up your site with fresh updates to dropping some hot new posts, polishing up revisions, and wrangling site management, consider us your website's backstage crew, ready to make your online show shine! 🌟💻✨

Full Management

A complete solution for your buisness
R 350 / month
  • Full Site Updates and Plugins
  • 24/7 Site monitoring
  • 15 Changes Per Month
  • Regular Malware Scans

Light Package

For those needing a light solution
R 200 / month
  • All website updates and security patches.
  • Daily website management and security checks
  • No Content Posting
  • No content management
Customise your Website Needs

Online Estimate

Ever wondered what it might cost to bring your dream website to life? Our website quote builder can give you a ballpark figure! But remember, each website is as unique as a snowflake, and you might want some fancy extras we haven't listed here. For the full scoop on what each field means, check out the explanations below. It's like our very own website pricing dictionary! 📚💰🌟

Web Design and Lightspeed Hosting
Type of Website
Number of Home Page Sliders
Number of Pages
Require Logo Design
Require Stock Images
Custom Features
PLEASE NOTE: Prices for the Advanced Contact Form and On-Page SEO are estimated only as the actual cost may be different depending on the number of fields you would like to capture and amount of pages you have to be optimized. The same applies to the Knowledge Base. The cost is for set up and 20 fields. Above that is charged separately. Google analytics is site-wide analytics - social media Analytics is different please select the social media option if you require tracking.
Custom Features
Domain Name
Hosting Packages
Prices for hosting are per 12-month contract. If you choose Managed Cloud Hosting you will be billed monthly.
Site Management and Updates - added to final quote
The price is per month R 350 billed annually. We can offer per-month billing upon request. You save R 200 if you go annually.
Site Audit

Your Estimated Cost
Start Over

We build Super Fast Websites

Exceptional Performance

What sets us apart from the competition? Well, it's all about the tech magic we bring to the table! Sure, your site can look good, but does it zoom onto the screen like a rocket? We're in the business of crafting websites that are not just drop-dead gorgeous but also blazingly fast! 🚀💻✨

Feather Light

Our website builds are feather-light. We are saving you space and money.

Vanilla Javascript

We use Vanilla JavaScript that prevents render blocking jQuery from coming in the way and affecting performance.

Exceptional Load Times

Our Websites are built for speed and are fully optimised to get the fastest load times.

Fully Cache WordPress with Litespeed

Litespeed Cache is an acceleration plugin for dynamic content built directly into Litespeed, it completely caches your entire Wordpres website and reduces page load speed dramatically.

Free WordPress CDN with QUIC Cloud

All our web hosting plans make use of LightSpeed Enterprise, which means you can make use of QUIC Cloud completely free of charge. QUIC Cloud is also already built into LightSpeed’s LSCache plugin making integration quick and effortless.

Let us Help you

Understanding the Technical Terminology

We can create the following types of websites; a personal website- Such as a blog or landing page—a Business Website - with 5 to 10 pages with more custom features, or an E-Commerce-Online store with payment gateway capabilities and specific custom features. We suggest taking a look at our demo websites.

A slider is an element used in particular websites that allows visitors to consume different chunks of information within the same space. They are also known as carousels or slideshows and can contain images, videos, or other website elements. Most websites have a home page slider with a photo and words that slide in to grab users’ attention. Depending on your specific needs, we would recommend a built-in slider or a premium slider that would be able to offer more features needed to showcase your products or information.

The number of pages is dependent on your needs. Most small or start-up websites comprise a minimum of 4 pages. Home; About Us; Services/Products and a Contact Page. Please note that the final number of pages will depend on the amount of information you have and the unique services or features your business offers. For example, you might have a detailed team profile page, a page explaining your products' manufacturing process, or a quote page.

Our design team can create your website logo and any brand needs. Reach out to us @

If you are not using your own professionally taken photos, you must ensure that your pictures are royalty-free or licenced. We can help get you certified images from Adobe or Vector graphics from other paid services. Doing this helps keep your website professional as well as cover copyright issues.

Custom features make your site work for you—for example, having an email sign-up form integration with Mailchimp allows you to accept sign-up emails from your users and have them saved into Mail Chimp for campaign emails later. Or maybe you need a custom quote form that uses your product price list? Other custom features are necessary for the proper function of your websites, such as a cache and image optimizer. If there is any feature you do not understand, reach out to us, and we will be happy to help. Or, if a custom feature is not listed, we will gladly do our best to create it for you.

A domain name, or the full web address of a website, is the unique identifier that your site uses to connect with user devices. You will choose a domain name when you register your website. Pick a domain name that’s memorable and relevant!

Think of hosting as the house at the address you own. For your files to be located and viewed at your address (domain name), you need somewhere to store those files (hosting). Every website needs hosting. It's where your database is stored.

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