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Leave the heavy lifting to us. From posting new posts to site updates and upgrades as well as server maintenance we got you covered.

Being the most popular content management system also makes WordPress a hackers’ favourite. That's why , updates are necessary to fix security issues and to keep your website safe from hackers. We will do all the updates and run security checks as well as make sure your plugins are all up to date. Outdated plugin are a severe security threat.

We can help with your content management. Having an online presence is important, but if that presence is stagnant it will show customers that you are not really moving forward. We can monitor changes of content when required. Monitoring website statistics such as web traffic, web traffic sources, web traffic quality, website bounce rate, etc.

Your Webhosting is the fundamental backbone of your entire online presence. As such you want to have a fast responsive website that pleases the user. To achieve this it is of vital importance to consistently maintain your server. Effective server management is a big deal. Think of it as not an option but a requirement. No one wasn’t to access a website only to find a page saying this site is offline. We strive to check and maintain your web hosting and keep it updated and set up with the most optimal settings for your needs. It's important to know that your website will eventually outgrow its web hosting standard settings. Web hosting management is very important but often times companies fail to realize its potential benefits.

We can help with your posts and updates. If you struggle to navigate your Website and find it hard to post and update your information we there to help you. We can assist in updating and posting your latest blog post or newest products.

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